Year 1 CoP Presentations

Here is a set of training materials to introduce our NCSC content, curriculum, and instruction resources. By reviewing these materials, you will be well prepared to make use of our extensive digital library of CCSS content resources, model curricula, and other tools that will be housed in our project Wiki. The Wiki is available to state partners in a beta version now, to be released for public access in the next months.

1. Ensuring Access to the Common Core Part 1: The NCSC Instructional Resources

There are two goals for this webinar. First, we will introduce the resources identified in the “How” portion of the NCSC Schema and then we will discuss the purpose and use of each of those resources.

Schema of materials - PDF

Math Content Modules from UNCC:

Curriculum Resource Guides from UNCC - zipped folder of PDF files

Instructional Resource Guide - PDF

2. Ensuring Access to the CCSS Part 2

A Six-Step Process Modeled Using the NCSC Resources

High School Mathematics Sample Instructional Unit - PDF

Three Lesson Example Powerpoints - zipped folder

3. Learning Progressions Frameworks

The intended goals of this module are to:

•    Introduce, or become aware of, the Learning Progressions Frameworks,  
•    Understand where the Learning Progressions fit in a state instructional schema,
•    Recognize that NCSC’s coding system for the CCCs is based on the LPF and is referenced in the materials and resources provided by the project, and
•    Some states will replace the NCSC’s codes for the CCCs with its own unique coding system over time

Learning Progression Frameworks:

4.    Graduated Understandings Part 1: Instructional Families

There are three goals for this webinar. First, we will review what we already know about the “What to teach” in the NCSC resources. Then we will discuss the structure and content of the Graduated Understandings and finally, we will discuss the purpose and content of the Instructional Families and how they may be used by teachers to support instructional planning.

Math Instructional Families: zipped folder of PDF files

5.    Graduated Understandings Part 2: Element Cards 

There are two goals for this webinar. First, we will discuss the purpose and content of the Element Cards and then we will review how the Instructional Families introduced in part one can be used along with the Element Cards to support planning of instruction.

Math Element Cards: zipped folder of PDF files

6. Introduction to MASSIs

Math Activities of Scripted Systematic Instruction (MASSIs): (coming soon)

Instructional Resource Guide - PDF

7. The Montana Experience: Curricular Changes for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities

This presentation was presented at the OSEP Project Directors’ meeting in a small group session focused on personnel preparation program directors.